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IPVTEL was formed 2 years ago by 2 individuals with more then 30 years each in telecom. With their vast know how in VoIP, operations, engineering, sales and marketing, the company believed it could find a niche in the area of wholesale toll free services.

Very few people really grasp how a toll free call successfully routes from point A to point B every time and at the lowest possible cost without issues.

The company realized that by bringing together to the top 3 US carriers and connecting them to 2 redundant switches, you could offer a 99.9% solid service. Once you add the ability to use all 3 carriers on the same toll free numbers because being a RESPORG allows you to do that, you can offer a service that can not only meet customers needs, but exceed them


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Whether you are a service provider, a computer tech shop or small business owner you can leverage our high quality, well managed voip system to add recurring revenues to your bottom line without the technical, logistical and regulatory headaches associated with providing the service on your own.



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