Local Number Portability

Local Number Portability

What do I need to know about Local Number Portability?

  • Quick and easyprocess - it will only take 2-4 business days for most residential & small business customers
  • Did we mention it is Free? There is no charge to Port your number into our system
  • Simplify management with one bill for all your communications needs
  • Available for most numbers, with other carriers to follow soon
  • Covers 80% of the population, including all major cities and regions

We understand that your phone number can be a personal thing, so if for any reason you decide to leave DIPV Telecom, you can take your number with you as long as your new provider has their own capability to port numbers to and from the DIPV Telecom network. (but with such amazing call rates and service, why would you?)

How Does it Work?

When you sign up to with DIPV Telecom services, you can move your existing number to us and use it to make and receive phone calls over VoIP, instead of your landline.

As you go through the sign up process for service, you will complete the LOA - Letter of Authorization, giving us permission to bring your number to our system... 

If you choose to not keep your number, we will simply pick one for you, and you will be able to make low-cost calls, while using regular phone handsets just like you do now.

Porting Note:

You may be able to take your current number to another service provider. Once your port is completed through your new service provider, you must email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or create a service ticket to cancel your DIPV Telecom Service. Until you cancel service with DIPV Telecom, you will remain a DIPV Telecom customer, and you will continue to be responsible for all charges and fees associated with your Service. If you cancel your Service prior to completion of the port, your Service will not work and your number may not be available for porting. Your account must be active and in good standing in order to port out your number.

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Whether you are a service provider, a computer tech shop or small business owner you can leverage our high quality, well managed voip system to add recurring revenues to your bottom line without the technical, logistical and regulatory headaches associated with providing the service on your own.



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