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When a company decides to buy toll free service from DIPVTEL, we guarantee zero downtime and here is why. We load our customer TFN on each carrier but if our customer is already using one of our suppliers, we set up routing initially on one or 2 of the carriers not currently being used.

We do extensive testing once the new trunk is set up between the DIPVTEL gateways and customers. Each carrier is tested to show that the call is being delivered with the correct digits on the ANI and the DNIS. 

Once that is done we go into SMS to change to the new carrier and once the new plan updates calls just start to route successfully. 

We then bring in the carrier that was previously being used by our customer and run the same testing and only then to we implement a robust complex 3 carrier routing plan to provide the lowest possible cost for our customer. 

We pride ourselves in our vast knowledge of the toll free business and our customer will absolutely say "DIPVTEL is always there to help us but most important is that they tell us when we have an issue on our equipment even before we know because they monitor our traffic all day and all night!



  • Achieve the least cost because we know how to route based on the least cost rates
  • Your calls route over the top 3 carriers in the United States (ATT, Verizon and Century Link)
  • You will experience 99.9% up time dues to the network architecture we have developed.
  • Carriers route to both DIPV gateways so there is always alternate routing in the event of any down time in one location.
  • As a resporg we can manage this routing for you or you can manage this yourself via your own resporg

DIPVTEL carriers millions of calls and minutes for clients that demand quality and 24/7 service so why not consider DIPVTEL as your toll free service provider?





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Whether you are a service provider, a computer tech shop or small business owner you can leverage our high quality, well managed voip system to add recurring revenues to your bottom line without the technical, logistical and regulatory headaches associated with providing the service on your own.



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